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The Perfect Time to Plant

      So, November is upon us, the nights are drawing in, the temperatures are dropping and our boots are heavy with mud, it can only mean one thing,  the Bare Root season here and is in full swing. But despite the cold weather, and the temptation to lock yourself inside by the fire for the … Continue reading

Bare Root & Potted Plants

Bare Root Plants                       As the name suggests, these plants have “bare roots”, meaning that they are open and uncovered (see picture above). These plants are dispatched between November and March, during which time the roses are dormant until they are potted in the Spring … Continue reading

Mid-Summer Rose Care

Mid-Summer Rose Care   Dead-heading     For repeat flowering roses, follow the stem down a set of 5 leaves and cut above the leaf joint. This is where your new flowering shoot will come from. Often there will be new growth already coming, in which case cut above the growth and allow it to … Continue reading

Rose Proliferation

Rose Proliferation     (Tequila Sunrise proliferating at our nursery this spring (2012) “Proliferation” is a rather unusual looking occurrence, but it is by no means uncommon and is nothing to panic about. Proliferation occurs when the plants apical cells multiply so fast that they do not stop dividing once a flower is formed, they continue to … Continue reading

Rose Growing as a Hobby (1925)

We have another little treat from the past for you this week. This time it’s from the 1925 Rose Annual from the National Rose Society (now the Royal national rose society). We think it’s a wonderful little article to get all you Rose growers in the mood for the spring and summer season to come, … Continue reading

New Roses for This Season

This year at Apuldram Roses we have more new varieties than ever! Below you will find all the new Roses available to our customers for the 2012 season. Hybrid Teas Caroline Victoria Introduced: Harkness 2007 Colour: White Height: Medium (3-4 ft) Repeat flowering Good for cutting http://www.apuldramroses.co.uk/CAROLINE+VICTORIA-rose.htm. Claret Introduced: Fryer, 2005 Colour: Deep red Height: … Continue reading

Winter Care for Your Roses

Winter Care for Your Roses Although Roses are completely dormant during the winter months, there are still plenty of things you can be doing, and products you can use which Roses will thank you for in the flowering months of spring and summer. Removal of Discoloured and Diseased Leaves         Your Roses may … Continue reading

Rose Growing for the Londoner (1910)

In 1910, ‘The Rose Annual‘ produced by ‘The National Rose Society‘ contained an article called ‘Rose Growing for the Londoner’ written by Mrs Sydney J. Montagu. We believe it is not only beautifully written but it still holds some relevance and truth today. So for you city gardeners out there here is a little treat; … Continue reading

Receiving Delivery Of Your Bare Root Roses

Have all my roses arrived? We pack bare root roses very tightly together, usually in one parcel. Because of this, it can often seem as though there are only one or two roses when there are in fact more. If you have ordered more than one rose, please ensure you remove the packaging and the … Continue reading

How Do Bare Root Roses Get From Us To You

Have you ever wondered exactly how new season bare root roses make it from the field to your garden. Here is a step by step guide to how our roses get from us to you: Step One – Grading and Labelling Once the plants have been lifted from the ground, the best plants are selected and … Continue reading